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To break linen cake for the next step of production

Standard Feature
  • This Cake Breaker is an Excellent, Simple and Precise way of handling cakes in a material handling laundry situation that loosens and not tangles the sheets for the next step of production.
  • To Break Linen Cake into a Loose, Tangle less mass for easy & fast handling by Picker or Human for next step processing.
  • When the control calls for a cake, A Cake falls into the rotors from a conveyor above.
  • Specially Designed rotors have been built and tested to pull the cake gently into the unit, which smoothly and evenly breaks the cake into a very loose configuration.
  • The controls have timers in them, which reverse the rotors which loosens the cake into a Tangle less mass by reversing and forwarding the rotors alternatively.
  • This action Untangles the linen smoothly and reliably and due to the special design of the rotors, the linen falls though only when its untangled to a certain degree, falling though the rotors to the conveyor below, which then can be either presented to a overhead rail system bag loading or a bin for staff to pull the sheets out very easily.