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Shuttle Conveyor

Standard Feature
  • Automatic linen transport from the press to the dryers
  • Single batch loading on one belt
  • Belt length (axis to axis) 1.5m
  • Belt width 1.lm
  • Horizontal and vertical drive movement of shuttle to dryer
  • Lifting device by rack gear or tooth belt
  • Lifting height 1,6m for IMAGE dryer with 800mm pedestal
  • Fixture support for upper track
  • Two stop stations with two limit switches
  • 8m tracks
  • Conveyor belt consists of2-layer PVC
  • Side cover made of stainless steel
  • One direction belt drive
  • Linen cake is detected by two photocells at the end and front of the conveyor
  • Positioning by limit switches in vertical and horizontal direction
  • Stroke end emergency switches
  • Completely wired to connection board
  • Including cables
  • Control by separate Central Control System (not included)
  • Safety and execution according to CE-regulations