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(Ironer Industrial)
1-4 Rolls (800/1200/1600 Roll) Working width 2700- 4500 mm.

Standard Feature
  • Steam Heated Chest for 150 psi (10 Bar)
  • Self-Contained Thermal Oil Heated System (Gas Heat Exchanger) available.
  • Heat Retaining Canopy
  • Highly Polished Chests
  • Includes all Piping and Steam Traps
  • Digital Display Read-Outs
  • Emergency Stop Button on Front Control Panels and at Rear Left & Right Sides
  • Independent Powerful Suction Fan on Each roll
  • Pneumatic Controlled Compression Rolls
  • Rolls can be Raised and Locked Pneumatically in Open Position for Easy Maintenance
  • Galvanized Steel Spring Padding with Optimum Tensile Strength for High Gloss Finish and Long Textile Padding Life
  • Polyester High Temperature Padding
  • AC Frequency Drive for Adjustable Speed
  • Panel Control Display for Steam Pressure (analog) and Speed (digital)
  • Control Button for Rolls-Up and Rolls-Down
  • V-belt Drive with Advanced Soft-Start Inverter Drive
  • Jog Control for Simplified Padding Maintenance
  • Safety Finger Guard Across Full Width of Ironer
  • Overload Protected Motors
  • Rolls are Automatically Raised, Stopped and Locked in Raised Position if Machine is Interrupted by Finger Guard
  • Chest & bridging piece – SS400 steel
  • Analog Bed Pressure Display
  • Service panel entry by key
  • Lifting eye bolt to gearbox
  • Low Pneumatic Air Pressure Alarm