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Automatic Feeding Station for Sheet

Standard Feature
  • Feeding is possible directly from the conveyor belt after drying tumblers. The operator has to find only one corner of a sheet and feeds this corner with approx. 30 cm’s sheet on a transport conveyor in a horizontal way
  • The operator simply places the corner of the sheet on to a conveyor ergonomically positioned at hand height for ease of operation and optimum production. A production rate of 600 pieces/hr. can be achieved
  • After feeding, the sheet is transported vertically and the clips are then automatically clamped on the corners of the sheet.
  • After the sheet is transported on the storage rail, it is fed to the feeding machine AMTRANS and then to the ironer all automatically
  • The ROBOFEED system provides the opportunity to automatically sort items according to size
  • USB stick connection for backup of settings