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Amtrans and Railsystem for sorting and feeding sheets

Standard Feature
  • Sorting of sheets, duvets or draw sheets, is possible, without extra handing.
  • Also sorting of washed laundry, into carriers at the clipping position.
  • Ergonomic workplace.
  • By buffering, the clipping production per person is fully independent of each other, contrary to a normal feeder, where the slowest person sets the pace.
  • The first clip is pulling the sheet, which makes it easier to find the second corner and reduces hard physical labour.
  • Automatic or semi automatic sorting possiblilities. (sheets, duvets, draw sheets)
  • The Amtrans is autoatically calling the sheets from the rail system, whereby the feeder, ironer and folder are automatically switched over to the right program and speed.
  • USB Stick Connection for Backup of Settings