Automatic linen folding and stacking macine

AMFOLD - E / P / Q

  • E – Economic sheet folder for sheets
  • P – Standard sheet folder, all crossfolds with knife folds
  • Q – Quality sheet folder, with various crossfolding, various crossfold speeds, all knife crossfolds


  • C – Stack and fold
  • D – Drop stacker
  • M – Multilane stack and fold for small pieces

Standard Features :

  • Automatic linen folding up to 5 lanes
  • Up to 3 length foldsst
  • Up to 3 cross folds possible with knife and reverse belts
  • All cross folds timing belt driven for accurate folding
  • Easy access in cross fold section
  • Several cross fold combinations available
  • Touch screen is self-programmable to set for each piece the correct program
  • Possibility with several stackers and multilane stackers
  • Able to connect with any ironer
  • USB stick connection for backup of settings
รุ่น Amfold-P
รุ่น Amfold-E